Sunday, October 12, 2008

Finishing and Relaxing

My friends, I learned something today. I learned that sometimes if you are still and quiet long enough, you can find valuable insight into your heart. As I was sitting next to the Lazy River today, watching the girls sail by on their rafts, sipping ice cold water and letting the vitamin D soak into my sun-starved soul, some answers for a question that has been plaguing me for over 10 years came to me. I was so shocked, that of course I instantly had to start talking and check my thoughts out with my friends. Maybe if I had been still just a few more minutes I could have solved more of my life's mysteries.

Also, I finished my book _The Queen's Fool_ by Phillipa Gregory today. I liked it more than I suggested earlier. It brough one or two tears to my eyes by the end. But I was glad to be done with that book. In other book news, Toni can't seem to settle on a book right now. She finished _Just Read_ bu Susan Briggs. Based on the fact that it was a 2 out of 5, I won't pick it up. But she read it in a day, and I should know since she sat next to me the entire time she read. But she couldn't let herself get into _Edgar Sawtelle_ and today she started _Carpool Confidential_ by Jessica Benson. She was about 13 pages into it and asked me if I knew where the book exchange was. Instead of starting a new book, I read the latest People magazine. I'm worried I'm surrounded by medicocre book karma right now. Does anyone else ever feel that way?

After some fun reading and a prickly pear margarita, the moms all took a few laps in the lazy river. We laughed so hard that I thought I might roll out of my tube. I love spending time with my dear friends, laughing so hard. I am so glad that I'm where I am right now.

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