Monday, October 27, 2008

Lighten Up, Already!

A dear friend called me the other day to ask if I was OK. I am. Apparently she had been reading my blog and was concerned about my ranting and raving. A dear relative emailed me and told me very kindly that my blog was a little too wordy to read.
So here is something much lighter for now. As I was driving in Pebble Beach the other day to pick up Taylor from her soccer game, I was stunned by the beauty of the coastline. I pulled over and took these pictures for my blog with a special shoutout to Heidi. Welcome to California, Heidi and Family! May you be blessed with many beautiful hours of coastline splendor. For those of you who aren't so close to the ocean, this is for you too. I am so grateful that I live in such a beautiful place. I realize there are different beautiful nature-scapes, but this one made my heart sing. And that's what I'm all about these days. So, I hope these pictures make your heart sing too!


Beckie said...

Beautiful pics. I love the amazing scenery that we can all pause to enjoy and realize what an amazing world we live in.

Esther said...

It really is an amazing world! Maybe that's why people golf- because of the view. Though these were taken along the beautiful Pebble Beach Golf Course. But I have to say, Beckie that your kids are just as amazing to view. I have more pictures of them than I do of scenery.