Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tourism Gone Wrong

While on vacation we went to Scottsdale, AZ. I had hoped to see one of my idols, Stephenie Meyer of _Twilight_ fame, but I didn't call ahead to let her know we were in town, so we missed her. We did however find many pictures of bad souvenirs.

Where do shops get the ideas to sell these ridiculous items? And what is it that makes people buy them? Once you've accidentally purchased one, why on earth would you give your friends one of these items, or, even worse, keep them as a memento of your journey? It pained me to see some of these. But of course, we did come away from AZ with our own momentos: Mexican Jumpiing Beans, A Scorpion Sucker, Scorpion Egg Bubblegum and a Pheonix T Shirt. Perhaps we had also strayed into unforgiveable souvenir territory. What can I say? When in Arizona, do as the Arizonans?

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