Saturday, October 11, 2008

Relaxing in the Sun

Today was a wonderful chance to just relax and enjoy life. We started early by going to the Last Chance Nordstrom store in Phoenix, AZ. We got some GREAT deals and had a great morning shopping.

Later, Toni and I sat by the pool and watched the girls swim and play in the water. Apparently we had some winds this afternoon that may or may not have been associated with a recent hurricane in Cabo San Lucas. You know that didn't stop us from ordering some fun drinks from the cabana.

I'm reading _The Queen's Fool_ by Phillipa Gregory during this vacation. I read her latest book last week and I read it in about a day. This book is taking me many days to read. I like it, but it's just not a compelling page turner. Or maybe it's just that I'm reading it next to the balmy breezes through the palm trees and I just can't quite relax and stay focused on the story. I'm trying though.

I'm trying to add some pictures of the girls at the poolside and one of cute Jared and cute Toni celebrating Toni's 16th Wedding Anniversary. My sweet brother, Caleb surprised her with a cake and when Jared saw it he said, "It's my birthday!!!!" He struck that cute pose and kept saying "Cheese" over and over because the camera didn't flash. So Happy Anniversary, Toni and Happy Belated Birthday, sweet Jared. And if you look closely you'll see darling Ethan sitting behind them eating some delicious freezer pizza that Auntie Esther specializes in.

I'm trying to figure out how to publish some pictures from our vacation, so hopefully they'll show up here. Thanks again to my dear Beckie for helping me start this blogging adventure!


Sarah said...

I'm so glad you've entered the blogging world. It's about time. Have fun on your vacation! How long are you there?

Esther said...

We are here for one relaxing week! Hooray!

Gerrit said...

Yeah, I've decided that my blog-reading hours needed great editorial and pictorial content with an artistic touch and a woman's instinct, and I've found all that and more with The Sands Through The Hourglass blog. A journalistic tour de force! I highly recommend this blog and give it two firm "thumbs up".

-Gerrit Hobbs (probably no relation to the author)

Esther said...

My little brother Gerrit, the smart-apple!
It is a tour de force, but I'm not sure that your thumbs are really that firm, young man!
Thanks for checking in!