Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Brigham City Day 3

Grandma Joyce's Senior Picture. She went to Soquel High School by my house.

My Grandma was a hottie! Here she is with one of her children on the beach.
Probably in Hawaii where they lived when it was still a territory. One thing I love about
my grandma is that she worked at the leper colony on Molokai, Hawaii.

My Grandma Joyce was celebrating 50 years of marriage with my Grandpa in this picture. They were long years and had a lot of rough times and some good times, but they were an example in endurance and working to get better with time.

My Grandma Joyce with all 4 of her children: Kathleen, Ron, Dora (dark dress) and Suzi (the baby). Circa 1953.

Remember yesterday when I told you I was so sleepy. I'm beyond that tonight. I'm emotionally tired, physically tired, and unfortunately, there is no end in sight. Today more people arrived to stay at my Mom's house. My darling sister-in-law Angie and her adorable 3 girls and my wonderful cousin, Flower, whom we realized I haven't seen for 11 years. How sad is that? I _LOVE_ Flower, whom I sometimes call Mildred Olson. I adore her. And tomorrow even more are expected to arrive.

Remember last week when I told you my heart was aching to be with my parents and their friends who were having troubles? Remember I was longing for the seasons? I've seen a lot of snow this week. I've seen a lot of fallen leaves. I know about seasons again, and I can tell you this: They can be cold. They can also be gray. And I got my last week's wish: Today I went with my Mom and our dear family friends to court in Logan.

I was awed and amazed to have the privilege of being with the Perry Family today in court. Their family member, Brad Perry was murdered 24 years ago, and finally, thanks to the right people in the right places at the right time, and DNA testing, there has been a crack in the case. And so they've been spending every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday in court all day long. I know it cost at least one of them their employment. And one of them has been laid off during this time. And here was the amazing part: They are a close knit family, who display love and kindness to each other and to those around them. Including the accused man's family. Today I was introduced to his mother and she was indeed very nice. And they recognize that it must be horrible to be where she is. And I met his ex-wife. And I ate lunch with Brad's parents and siblings and I wondered how they do it every day. How can they face this, and here's what I realized: They do it gracefully and full of strength because they have to. They wouldn't choose to be anywhere else right now. And they have a lot of people there backing them up. Remember when I sent them angels? They have visible angels in the court room supporting them.
Tomorrow are closing comments and then at noon the jury will begin deliberations. I hope for justice to be served. If you want more information about this, check it out here and here.

I must go to sleep. Thanks for enduring with me this week.

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