Monday, November 17, 2008

Scenes From Last Week

One year my grandparents had a grandchild from each of their children! 
Here are all the grandkids that were born in 1975: Flower, Steve, Kara and Caleb. I love them so much!
My cousin Asa that is making me so proud, My Uncle Ron- who might be the world's coolest uncle. Only my brothers compete for that title, My cousin April, who has always been beautiful and hilarious, and my adorable little sister, Antje. She is my rock in life, and I love her sincerity and enthusiasm with which she approaches life.
Gwen who makes the world's best videos, Gerrit- my little brother who is not so little compared to me and is the best magician are talking to Newell and Claudia Perry- some of the most down to earth kindest people on earth. My fab sis Angie is right there. She always looks great, keeps it real and I wouldn't be caught without her on my side. I love those folks too!
I love Kelby, my niece. She is wearing my pearls, which match her fabulously and she is a child that mirrors my own soul. I adore her!
My cousin's daughter, Cheyanne and Ellie, my niece. Those are some of the sweetest girls around! Look at that love!

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