Tuesday, November 18, 2008

One Big Family

Here's a picture of most of the family at the funeral. Whoever can leave a comment and name every person in the picture and where they live will win a sweet prize from me! Bonus points if you can tell me where they each slept the night before this picture was taken!


Beckie said...

Caleb wants to know what the sweet prize is.

Esther said...

Tell him he'll find out when he gets the correct answers!

Beckie said...

Back row: Doug (Brigham), Mark (Granite Falls), Alisha (Granite Falls), Flower (Granite Falls), April (Longview), Kara (Longview), Gerrit (Houston), Asa (Washington, and Alabama), Jessica (Brigham), Chantel (Brigham), Taylor (Seaside), Esther (Seaside), Laura (Draper), Drew (Draper), Caleb (Surprise), Angie (Elk Mtn.)

Front Row: Antje (Houston), Olivia (Longview), Kelby (Elk Mtn.), Dorthy (Brigham), Cheyenne (Brigham), Dora (Brigham), Ron (Alabama), Suzie (Granite Falls), Hunter (Las Vegas), Lisa (Las Vegas), Dakota (Las Vegas), Steve (Las Vegas), Liberty (Las Vegas), Elianne (Elk Mtn.), Iylie Mae (Elk Mtn.)

The names might be a little misspelled, but that is because of my speach impediment. :D

Thank you - Caleb

Esther said...

Your prize is in the mail today, Caleb! Nice work! Thanks for doing it for me since I was too lazy to do it! Bonus prize is still up for grabs if anyone can tell me where each of them slept the night before. And you can't just say, "Aunt Dora's House."