Monday, November 3, 2008

'Twas the Night Before Elections and All Through The House...

Tonight at dinner, Taylor announced that if she could vote tomorrow she would vote for McCain. I tried to refrain from telling her that she should plan on spending Christmas elsewhere, while Daniel calmly said, "Oh really? Why is that?"
Taylor replied that it seemed that John had more experience. Also, since he was so old, he was sure to die soon and so we'd get our first female president, Sarah Palin
Daniel asked her very matter of fact-ly, "Do you think she's the right woman to be the first president, though?"
At about this point, she confessed that she was just messin' around. Also, that it was OK for Daniel to put the Barack Obama Change sign in our yard. There's nothing like advertising your politics in the dark, rainy yard the night before election day, is there?
When it comes down to it, tonight is the last night you could go to sleep undecided in this country. Tomorrow is the big day- the day that politicians have been working for now going on 2 years. Remember last year when Iowans had campaign ads for the Holidays? We're at our defining moment in this nation.
The news out of both major campaigns today gave me pause- Sarah Palin has been cleared in Trooper Gate. And Barack Obama's grandmother who raised him died the day before election day. I hope she voted absentee. But does your vote still count if you die before election day?

My family is almost divided down the middle when it comes to politics. My parents always told us they voted for the candidate rather than the party. But these days, it's hard to differentiate between the two. I can count on one hand all the Republicans that I know of in my family. I can count on the other all the known Democrats. And I can count on one foot all the unknowns- the people who have managed to keep their politics to themselves. And I'm proud of my family that we can all talk about our political positions, have great differences and still hug each other good night and laugh with one another. I have deep respect for my family who  have looked into their hearts and vote their consciences, even when it differs from mine. I'm going to try to be that magnanimous tomorrow night as I watch election results rolling in. 

Keep the faith, my friends!  Remember that the beauty of freedom only works when you exercise it. Don't forget to vote- and don't be afraid to report any voting irregularities to:
As an added incentive, don't forget that Starbucks will proudly give you a free cup of coffee tomorrow if you go in and tell them you voted. And I'll send you a little something special if you leave a comment for me along with your email address if you tell me you voted. 


Kaleena said...

I voted Esther!
Lol a week and a half ago but I did vote!

marialucido said...

you made my day, esther. . . i love your style of blogging. . . and i voted about 2 wks ago by absentee ballot. . . with my mom's health i never know where i'll be, so better safe than sorry. . . are you proud of me??? my middle name is HOPE. . . quite appropriate, right?

Sarah said...

I sure love you, Esther! What a scare Taylor must have given you. I can just see your and Daniel's faces when she announced her support for McCain.

I voted over a week ago. I sure hope that Obama's Grandma got her vote in.

I've come down with a cold and know I need to get in bed, but I just want to see what happens! I guess I know when I wake up tomorrow!

Maddy said...

I voted! Although I fear my vote was swallowed up by a sea of red...

Stan T said...

I voted! You need to zoom-in very close on CNN's maps, and you can see the two blue dots for Maddy and me.

I just watched Obama's first speech as president-elect! Woo hoo! Now, I can go to sleep.

And, oh, to be a fly on the wall during that dinner.

Missing you... Stanley Our.

Esther said...

Congratulations to all of you who voted. I did receive a few phone calls, because I guess some of you wanted to protect your online privacy. Maddy and Stan, send me your email and blog addresses so I can email you your prizes! Happy Voting, dear readers!

Esther said...

BTW, Stanley, I DID see your 2 pinpricks in Utah! But I think there were at least 3 other Democratic Votes there!