Saturday, November 15, 2008

Brigham City Day 6

Today was Grandma Joyce's funeral. *big sigh*
It was a perfect type of funeral. I saw some dear friends there. Thank you to everybody who came, especially Suzanne and Camille. I love those ladies.
My huge family gathering is still going strong, it's 8 PM, and I need to gather my things and pack so I can leave early in the morning to come home. I just wanted to check in. More photos, etc. in a few days when I have a moment to unpack and calm down.
I'm leaving for California EARLY tomorrow morning. Sweet dreams to all, and to all my family who is already out of here, and those I won't be seeing tomorrow, a big hug, kiss and LOVE to you all!!!!
To those who are just my friends and casual readers: Thanks for hanging in there with me this week. And to Daniel, who might have time to read this: I love you and I'll see you LATE tomorrow night! XOXOXO(for Daniel).

1 comment:

Kaleena said...

I am glad that I got to see you!
Be safe on your drive home!
<3 Kaleena

naver lol