Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Some hopeful flowers that have nothing to do with voting.
Unless you had some sort of passion flower initiative on your ballot.

I suppose nobody checks here for breaking news. Because I'm pretty sure you have to have been living under a rock not to notice who our President Elect is. Did anybody tune back in at 8:01 and gasp when they saw that all the networks called the election moments after the polls closed on the west coast? It was surreal looking at the words, "Barack Obama 44th President" on the screen. After the initial few moments of shock, I teared up. I was not alone. I think that most people did, if you voted for him, you were thrilled. If you didn't, you probably teared up and were scared. I've lurked on other blogs and read the frightening comments that people left because they are convinced that Obama will bring about the end of the world. 

So some advice to those of you who have cold fear creeping across your heart and feel paralyzed with fear from someone who's been there since the beginning of the century: Breathe. Breathe again. Just keep doing that for the next four years and you'll get through it. It will be tough sometimes. You might shake your head every morning during breaking news on the Today Show and wonder if you should move to Canada. (Note: It's tough to get in these days. Australia's just as hard.) You'll make it my friends. 

I went to an election party tonight with my dear friends. They are my family away from family, and I had a great time. For a certain someone who loves his privacy, I will declare it here: You are forgiven my friend. I'm glad you got to celebrate your last US election. But I hope you have many more in your future.

Sadly, the Proposition 8 ballot measure is too close to call tonight. My heart is breaking for many dear friends who will have rights stripped away from them, or who will never get to exercise the rights of those who went before them. We won't forget, and we won't give up.

So many of you went with  me to vote- and even Daniel who whispered, "What did you get for number 7?" next to  me while voting- I'm proud to say I voted. And that I got Starbucks coffee today. Mmmm, election caffeine.

Love you all madly!


Sarah said...

Doh! I'm such an English teacherwith a wicked cold! I went to search for the results of proposition 8 just now when I got up and wrote "preposition 8"!!

I am in a surreal happy, dazed state. I'm crossing my fingers for proposition 8.

Esther said...

At least you didn't write Preperation H. That would have very different results. Hope you feel better, friend. That's what you get for partying wickedly on Halloween. Just kidding. REST, drink more liquids and you'll be back on your feet in no time! Sending you a lot of love across the world...