Saturday, November 29, 2008

What On Earth?!?!?!

And just like that, it comes to me this morning that I totally forgot to post yesterday. I mean, really??? I drove across Utah, Nevada and California exhausted, and managed to still write a few lines going each way. I have gotten up in the middle of the night to post. And then, it's the day after Thanksgiving and then it's a holiday weekend and I just forget until this morning???? What is going on with me?

I will tell you all a secret. I think I know what happened to me. I allowed myself to get lost in a book and it was all I could do to come up for dinner and the next thing I knew it was today. 

The book I've been engrossed in is _The Story of Edgar Sawtelle_. It's the Oprah book. And I know what you're thinking...but really, this was a GREAT book. And at the end, I just had to sit there and think and think and think. (I don't want to hear any jokes about that...)

But here is what else I did yesterday: I went to the mall. Not to shop. Not to contribute to our nations failing economy. No. I went to see Twilight again with my gal pals AGAIN. At 10:45 AM! 

And I took a nap.

Consider it a late birthday present to myself. I indulged in almost all my favorite things!

I'm going to post twice today to make it up to myself.

And here's another weird thing: My birthday post date says 11/26. But it was 11/27. Promise.

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