Friday, November 14, 2008

Brigham City Day 5

I got some good sleep last night. Tay and I slept in the car with Louie. And I'm not joking. It was GREAT! We slept until 8:30! When I got out and went in for breakfast, I discovered that our old family friend's the Guzman's had arrived. There was 3 of them here now too.

We buried Grandma's and Grandpa's ashes today. I have a million pictures that I have taken that will just have to be downloaded later, because I never have any time, and it's always so late when I get in here finally to type. 

Today, my great brothers Eli and Gerrit arrived! I love them! Also my cousin Steve and his wife Lisa and their 3 kids arrived. Apparently my little sister, Antje arrived tonight but she's in SLC staying with my great brother and sis-in-law Drew and Laura. I can't WAIT to see them and their cute little baby Brayden tomorrow!

We had a great time as cousins putting together a poster of Grandma Joyce's pictures from her life. I love my family so much. As we did it, we told Asa that we'd each pay him $2 if he "accidentally" spilled some water on my Mom. It was hilarious! But a few of my cousins still owe him a few bucks.

My cousins and I sat around the chiminea tonight and laughed and hugged and loved each other. My great brother Caleb was there. I watched him pick up his cousin's exhausted 2 year old tonight and gently and sweetly put her to sleep. A task that nobody else could seem to accomplish.

I'm not joking or exagerating when I tell you that it's a full house and a lot of energy and fun around here. I'm so tired and yet I'm so happy being together. And you know what? I think that Grandma Joyce would be having a ball with all this family and energy. 

Today the Perry's Murder Trial heard back from their jury. Guilty in the 1st Degree on all 4 accounts. Here's a link to find out the latest news. On the last day I was there, during the Closing Arguments, I gave Claudia Perry my green scarf to wear, because she kept being so cold and shaking. But it was nerves, not the temperature. I put it around her with a hug and told her that now she'd be fashionable while she was cold. Also, I figured that it would be easier to hold it up over her face when it was hard to watch what was going on. Today my Mom sent me a message from Claudia that she clung to that scarf so hard and she just couldn't give it back until all the court events were over. I want Claudia to know that I want her to have that green scarf and that it is my hug around her when I'm not there. I want her to cling to it and to know it comes with free angels around her and her family too. I love that Perry family.

Must take my daughter and my dog to sleep.
Sweet dreams.

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dweinstein said...

Maybe you'll make one last post from Brigham City tonight before you go to bed. Then you'll see this message.
I imagine it was an emotional day for you. It's good that you are there.
I can't wait for you to come home. Drive safely tomorrow.
My love to you and to Tay.