Sunday, November 23, 2008

No Time Like The Present

I think I'm ready for a new look. I'd like to be thinner, have fewer lines in my forehead and be taller. None of those will change before I turn 39 in a few days. But- one thing I can do is get a new haircut. I'd like to get a new look, because I've had basically the same hair since the first Bush Administration. Don't believe me? That picture up above was taken in approximately 1988. My permed hair was held back with a pencil. Nice purple pompom slippers, eh? Actually, I'm not sure what part of this picture is the best part. Please be kind, the 80s did strange things to all of us.

I've always been a big fan of this look. But I've also just been a big fan of Amelie. Bangs? Do I dare go for the bangs? They seem like such a commitment, and you know I'm a commitment-phobe on several levels.

I used to have bangs.  Here I am in the 1970s with bangs:

Special thanks to my friend Chaunine whom I borrowed this picture from. We were cuties swimming at Sherwood Hills. This photo was taken 1st or 2nd grade, circa 1977.

I'm also thinking about some sort of compromise with this kind of look:

I don't know....Is it too much like my hair for the past million years? 
Maybe I should just go Sinead O'Connor.
I'm in agony, I can't decide! What do you all think? Please help me!


Sarah said...

I'm in the exact same boat! I'm trying to work with my newly cut hair that is growing out into a disaster.

I love Amelie's hair, but I don't think the short little bangs would suit you. I tried it once, and it really didn't suit me! Mayne go with the haircut, but use the other bangs, or look for some other hairstyle that has longer bangs.. or no bangs... Sorry, does that help at all?? GOOD LUCK! I can't wait to see it!

Bev said...

I think Mariska Haggaerty is beautiful I am LOVE her hair

Esther said...


Hello cousin - I can't figure out how to respond at your blog, so I'll just continue the old email way. First of all, I love the movie Amalie. I don't think I've ever seen a sweeter movie, but her hair is not for you. I have bangs, and they are a lot of work. One thing is you definitely need products in your hair, and get them re-cut often. It's also very hard to commit to growing them back after you've decided you don't want them any more. So, try a new do but make sure your bangs are long enough to keep side swept. There's my opinion - love ya lots - Kara

Esther said...

And I think you're all right. Daniel thanks you all, btw, he says he agrees with you on the bangs but if he had told me that I would have gotten them just to spite him. Not necessarily true...

Anyway, I think I'm going to go with a picture of Mariska's hair in a week and get my hair done in a similar way.

Wish me luck, or send me a picture of hair you think is more suited to me!

Andi said...

That U of U dorm picture looks familiar. But I don't have hair advice, other than to not let your spouse "trim" your bangs at 10:30 p.m. (two nights ago) because you are suddenly annoyed by hair in your eyes.

Esther said...

I have decided to take Andi's bangs will not be trimmed by anyone in the house! Thanks, darling!