Sunday, November 30, 2008

30 Posts in 30 Days

Thank you, thank you ladies and gentlemen! No, please sit down, really, I don't deserve such applause! I'd like to give a special sound out to the following people who helped make this event possible: First, to Beckie for helping me get this whole ball rolling and for your ongoing support. I love you, Beckie and I'm so glad I can call you sister. Next, to Kaleena who sat next to me and encouraged me and tutored me several times this past  month. I appreciate your help and love and support also. Also, a special thank you to my daughter Taylor for all you've done to allow me access to the computer when I know you'd rather have had access. Also for all the good supply of blog posts that you've given me lately, a special and loving thank you. No thank you would be complete without a huge shout out of gratitude, love and more love to Daniel who has suffered through my feeble writing attempts, late nights at the computer and a consistent drop off in my ability to complete any household tasks. I love you, sweetie, and i appreciate you buying the laptop that sits on the kitchen table that I use to post. :*
Finally, a great big hug and kiss to all the readers who read my blog. All 8 of you! I love you and I love your comments. Thank you!!!!!

See this look? I melt with this look. I love Daniel! He's so fun and charming and can make me laugh just as hard as I did when I met him 19 years ago in the middle of the night in the parking lot. He's looking at our daughter, Taylor, and he's just got the pizza dinner that he spoiled us with. He drives 5 hours a day and works 8 hours so he can support us and be with us, even if for a few minutes. I do love this man...

Today I went to lunch with these 2 ladies: Karen and Sally. Doesn't this look like we are about to spend more than 2 hours laughing, crying, having fun and eating great food? Thanks, Sally! I love my friends!

There's that guy Daniel again. I sure do love him. He's the kind of guy that you want on your side. He's the one that makes me laugh and feel good being around. He's also the guy who makes me a better person by being around him and knowing him. How lucky can a girl be?

I've been hanging out with these 2 for 9 years now. The one on the right, Taylor, I've known for about 13 years. In spite of everything I adore her and love her so much. And Katie, well, Katie is like another daughter to me. Except I don't have to pay for her orthodontia. (Taylor hates this photo, btw)

I went to the Aquarium yesterday with this fun group of people. The Chemers Family. Sorry I posted the blurry one. I have some others that I'll email to the family if they leave me a note in the comment section with their email address. 

Tonight's the night.
I've completed 30 posts in 30 days.
Thanks for coming along for the ride!

I've shared a lot these past 30 days. Did I find my blogging voice? Sometimes. Sometimes I did not. And I had a few moments of writers block. I've learned a lot about blogging and I've also found that I literally CRAVE comments. I've tried to be better about leaving comments on other blogs that I stalk.

For now though, let me raise my glass in salutations and gratitude to all the readers out there: Thank you for hanging on through this crazy month and thank you for being kind and loyal in spite of my ramblings. I salute you, readers, for getting through the last month! Cheers!


Beckie said...

You did it Esther! I'm so proud of you! I know I couldn't have done 30 posts in 30 days! I have absolutely enjoyed reading your posts this past month and I hope you continue because it makes my day when I see your updated blog! :D

Andi said...

Esther, did you know that buried somewhere is my notebook/planner from the 1990s when I was living in Eugene, Oregon, on some date is a note that I received a call from Esther telling me she had just the night before met this guy named Daniel. I remember writing this down because you spelled his last name for me. You knew that it was important even the very next day.

Sarah said...

Have you noticed that I haven't posted this month?? I figured you were doing enough work for the both of us! WAY TO GO! It was nice reading your blog this month because it made me feel like I was right back in Monterey with you! Miss you lots and lots!

dweinstein said...

That was so kind of you to mention me in your triumphant 30-day blog posting marathon achievement event post! I'm just pleased to be associated with you and your accomplishments. I'm glad the laptop was there to help you along the way, though I should mention here that the table beneath the laptop would not have been possible without me lugging it from Lisa's house. Also, while you did install the new floor beneath the table, it was I who so helpfully shrugged when you showed me the pattern and asked if I liked it. So... just so the world knows that your magnificent 30 blog posts in 30 days were, in some small way, impossible without me.

Seriously though: You rock!

q.D.paToOtieS said...

Hi Esther,
You commented on my Blog and mentioned that you'd be interested in participating in the Cookie Round-up. I'll be sending links out to post on your Blog with the recipe. Our new set date to post the recipes is December 13th. Please let me know if you are still interested by E-mailing me at hey_lisa*at sign*