Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Because it's my birthday, Thanksgiving, and I won't have time to really post, here's one I made for today. Happy Thanksgiving, dear ones!

Here's what the signs around my office should/could read: 

Special Thanks go the Pioneer Woman from whom I borrowed these images.
I think I would actually love to work where they had enough of a sense of humor to actually post these.


Sarah said...

AH HA HA HA HA! My favorite is loneliness.

Happy Birthday, my dear dear friend, and have a Happy THANKSGIVING while you're at it! Hugs to the fam!

Antje said...

Hey Sis! I'm online! }:) *evil LOL* Just wanted to tell you I love you & miss you. Even though it was for Gramma's funeral, I was really glad to get to see you & Taylor. I'm thoroughly loving my (our)shoes & books. Daniel is a pretty special guy - and he is very funny! :) Now I can't ask someone to get me a plate without doing "Plate (circle hands), Frybread (flat hand), Beans ("sprinkle" fingers)... LOL!!!